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 I hope everyone has been managing to stay warm and dry this cold and wet month of July.  The bright side is that we have 6 weeks until Spring!  Over the winter I have forced some paperwhites, daffodils and tulips in my cold frame and they are all poking their heads up to remind me that spring is near.

Excited to announce that Xgaleri is hosting it's first Pottery exhibition August 6th opening at 10am until 13th.  We are delighted to represent some of Canterbury's most talented Potters.  It is a Cash and Carry show, so once the pieces are sold, the customer will be able to take their purchase right away. The early bird gets the worm!! Also at the opening most of the potters will be there, you not only will get to learn about their skill and inspiration but a unique opportunity to buy their work.  Masks will be required as always once entering our gallery.

September will be a busy month, The Bird Expo held at the mt Pleasant Community Centre will be going ahead, to raise awareness and bring consideration to our feathered friends.

St margarets College will be holding their Art Exhibition, although i will not be able to participate, Max has several large pieces at the exhibition.

Mt Pleasant Art Exhibtion will be September 16th & 17th.  Both max and myself will have work for sale.  A great opportunity to give back to the Community.

All going well the Open Studio in Scarborough, at Jo Ogier's Studio will go ahead in the middle of November, Jo ogier, Jo Loughnan and myself will be showcasing new works.

And then of course it is December which hopefully will bring the Summer Show at the Little River Gallery.

Xgaleri will be holding an event in late October with more to come in September.  

At the moment Xgaleri will be showcasing a new line of work from both myself and Max, hopefully all up and displayed by August 2nd, do come in and say hello if you are in the city.  Xgaleri is located at the Guthrey Centre, 126 Cashel Street in the CBD.  Right next door to bally's back entrance leading to the Litchfield car park and Riverside.

Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-4pm

In the meanwhile i do hope where you can, to keep up feeding our back yard birds with this cold weather and make sure there is plenty of water availalbe.  With thoughts of Spring i am working on a new Godwit painting to welcome them back to NZ in September!




Stay Well 

x Sheila



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