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Welcome to Winter !    I don't know about you but where di d the month of May go?  It is hard to believe that winter's arrival is here.  Firewood stacked, garden closed and primroses, pansies and kale have been planted to bring a little touch of colour to my garden.

I have been enjoying painting fantails and Tuis, and just started a new painting with the gorgeous OysterCatchers.  I have enjoyed working at the gallery last month While max had some time off.  I met some lovely people visiting the Gallery from all over the Country.

XGaleri is open 10-4pm from Tuesday - Saturday.  There are new trees on their way from Max, and a fresh series of his Bees.  My Winter Collection of brownbear Pottery will be delivered at the end of the month.  At the moment there are still a few pieces left from my Autumn Collection, inspired by the Cliffs that surround my pottery Club that work out of Redcliffs.


 I am thrilled to be part of the NZ Artists Expo, at  Cashmere Primary School.  June 8th-12th 2022  opening night June8 from 7pm.  Both max and myslef will have pieces available at this exhibition and love getting behind this Community and their School.

September there will be the Bird Expo and the ever so popular Mt Pleasant Art Exhibition, more details to come.

Stay warm, enjoy these warm days before the snow arrives and Blustery winds.  

Now is the time to get your bird feeders filled , our feathered friends will start to depend on us while they survive the cold winter.  I have been putting peanut butter onto pinecones, without any feed and they seem to love it!!!


Looking forward to seeing you, Xgaleri is open Tuesday - Saturday 10-4pm  126 cashel Street at the Guthrey lanes, next door to Bally's back entrance.




Stay Well 

x Sheila



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